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Dogbone R6 RFID timing tags
“…These tags are amazing, and we’ve been achieving near-perfect results with them.”
Jason Whittaker - Director of Timing Services
Dogbone R6 timing tag with foam cover

The Dogbone R6 timing tag is covered by foam on the back of a participant bib number.

New Race Timing Technology

We’re always looking for ways to improve at Endurance Evolution. Heck, it’s part of our name. We know that if we’re not constantly evolving, tweaking, and improving the way we do things around here, that we’ll be going backwards.

When we started our timing services division, it consisted of a couple iPads and a finish line clock. We timed a few small running races that year, and were geeked that things had gone so well. Since then we’ve grown to now offer full-service electronic chip timing for running races, triathlons, mud runs, winter fat bike races, mountain bike races, road bike races, swim races, ski races, and more. We can time just about any human-powered event you can think of.

We always employ multiple, independent timing systems at every event to ensure that we get each and every finish time. For example, we always use a video backup timing system along with our chip timing system, so if our chip timing system were to stop working for some (very unlikely) reason, we’d still have a way to get results.

We’ve been able to get really great results with our chip timing system, but as part of our aforementioned quest to constantly be evolving, we’re always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and reliability of our system. Thanks to some new race timing technology, we found one.

Starting this season we’ve been using new timing tags (also known as “chips”) that have given us improved accuracy and reliability in our read rates at finish lines and split timing points. Timing tags are the small device stuck to the back of the bib number that participants typically wear in an event, and they’re what actually help us record the finish times with our system. As an added layer of protection, a foam sticker is placed over top of the actual chip, which itself is barely thicker than a piece of paper.

“The new tags, called the DogBone R6, have been really successful in the few races we’ve used them at so far this season,” says director of timing services, Jason Whittaker. “The tags we used to use were really great, too, but these tags are amazing, and we’ve been achieving near perfect results with them.”

“Sometimes, if a participant doesn’t wear the bib number correctly, or they accidentally cover it up with a hydration belt or something like that, it can result in a missed read at the finish line. With the technology in our new timing chips, however, we’ve seen these instances drop dramatically,” adds Whittaker.

Because of the great success at the races we’ve timed so far this season using the DogBone R6 tags, we’ve decided to invest in more, and will be using them for the rest of our events this year. Take a look at the back of your bib number when you race with next, and check them out.

For more information on our timing services, shoot Jason an email at

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