New Summer Solstice Ritual: Running

Carilyn BookerArticles, Blog

The summer solstice takes place Sunday, June 21. It’s the longest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and officially the first day of summer. It’s an event celebrated among cultures around the world with a variety of rituals. Among them: bonfires, torch-lit parades, the wearing of crowns of flowers and the creation of “protective amulets.” … Read More

Free Online Order Launch Special Starts Tomorrow

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We're excited to announce our first ever Free Online Order Launch Special.  The promotion allows participants to sign up for any one of the 2015 Endurance Evolution events absolutely free of charge. "We've built up a great following of fans and followers since we started as a company back in 2009, and we wanted to show them all how appreciative we are of their ... Read More

Cross Training for Runners

Dren AsselmeierArticles, Blog

We runners tend to be a little overzealous about our sport. We eat, sleep, and breath running. When you are running 20–30+ miles a week, and have strategic rest days, how do you take Hal Higdon’s advice and get in one day of cross training without being pooped for your next run? And why should you? First, why? Well, running … Read More